The Hennessy Price

What is the Hennessy Price?

Have you ever shopped for a vehicle, decided on a dealer, only to find out their online price is different than the one in store?! Let’s face it; this is a common practice in the automotive industry which many dealerships still use today. Technology has made researching a vehicle easier than ever, but has drastically changed the landscape of which vehicles are being marketed.

This is why many dealerships choose to lower their pricing any way they can to attract those hunting for the best deal. They lure the customer in using hidden fees and disclaimers that are placed deep into the copy of their websites or choose not to disclaim them at all until time of sale. So here are some common terms you’re going to see when you visit one of these dealers that you should automatically associate as being a SCAM!

Unstackable Rebates

Some dealers will advertise a price online that combine incentives that aren’t compatible. For example, a price on their website will include a loyalty rebate such as $1,000 if you own a GM product and also include a conquest rebate such as $1,000 if you own a non-GM product, bringing the advertised price down by $2,000. Here’s the catch, these incentives don’t stack, meaning that GM doesn’t allow you to use both. Some dealers will advertise a price that includes incentives and rebates that you cannot combine, but only break the news to you when you get to the store.

Trade Assistance

If you see a price online and when you get to the store, they tell you in order to qualify for that price you have to trade in a specific year or newer vehicle to qualify for it. This is called “Trade Assistance” or “Trade Allowance”. They do this one of two ways. They say they’re giving you a $3,000 discount off the price, but they say it’s applied to the trade in and not discounted off the price, or they show the discount off the price, but then don’t give you a true value on your trade in. Either way, it’s not good for you. Always check with GM for the most current real incentives.

Finance Assistance

GM will sometimes offer a real Finance assistance rebate on select models a few times out of the year if you finance through GM Financial. If the dealership is offering finance assistance when this incentive isn’t currently offered by GM to qualify for the price, then get ready to pay a high interest rate through a finance package that also includes marked up products you don’t want, driving the price right back up! Once again, always check GM’s website for the most current real incentives.

Brake Plus, First Place Finish, and other Addendum accessories

Be advised, some dealers advertise pricing online that do not include dealer installed options. You may not find out about these additional accessories or protection products that have been pre-installed until you get to the dealership. These items are heavily marked up to help recoup an advertised price that isn’t attainable otherwise. These items are optional, just not at the price they told you to get you down there.

Maintenance Plans

If you have to buy a maintence plan, such as 3 oil changes, Tire rotations, filter changes, etc., know that these are also heavily marked up to recoup an advertised price that got you into their store.


At Hennessy Buick GMC, we don’t tolerate these bait & switch tactics. We are committed to making the shopping experience easier and more convenient for our customers. We understand that shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle can be a difficult task. This is why we introduced the Hennessy Price, our upfront and transparent pricing model that’s designed to reduce the stress of comparing options, and save you time at the dealership.

The Hennessy Price includes:

  • Our Best Price the 1st time. No need to waste time going back and forth while you’re at the dealership.
  • Upfront & transparent pricing. The price we advertise is one that everyone qualifies for. No hidden fees or disclaimers.
  • All backed by our 110% Price Guarantee. If you find a better price after purchasing, we’ll give you 110% of the difference.