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Expert Car Care at Hennessy of Southlake's Service Center

No matter how diligent you are about caring for your vehicle, there will come a time that it's going to need repairs. At the very least, and for the life of your car, it's going to require scheduled maintenance to keep it running at its best. Hennessy of Southlake is pleased to offer high-quality vehicle services provided through our convenient, on-site service center.

Our expertly trained technicians treat each car as if it were their own. They are diligent and thorough when diagnosing a problem, conservative in their service estimates, and conscientious when completing a job. We respect your time, so your car will be promptly taken care of after you bring it in for your service appointment. Set up a service time that works best for you using our , or, if your issue can't wait, simply claim the next available appointment and our technicians will get to you as soon as possible.

Service with You in Mind

Everybody knows that car repairs can be expensive, so we strive to offer some of the best deals on common services. In addition to our surprisingly affordable prices, we offer that can save you even more money. Check in with them before you schedule your next appointment and see if there's a discount you can use: Consider such special offers as free battery tests, engine or transmission rebates, price-match guarantees, battery sales, discounted brake pad installation and oil changes… You'll be thrilled with how much of your hard-earned money you can save when you take advantage of commonly offered specials such as these.

100% Price Guarantee