Buick GMC vs. the Competition

Even if you've never driven a Buick or GMC vehicle for yourself, it's common knowledge in the automotive world that these automakers routinely produce outstanding vehicles year after year. CUVs, SUVs, and trucks produced by Buick and GMC are packed with value, upscale offerings, and high-quality finishes throughout. All these qualities help set Buick and GMC apart from their competitors and add to the list of reasons why you should consider a Buick or GMC for your next vehicle.

The Buick lineup is entirely focused on CUVs like the Enclave, Encore, and Encore GX, while the GMC lineup primarily focuses on full-size SUVs like the Terrain and Yukon and trucks like the Sierra series. Each of these vehicles is full of cutting-edge technology and luxe furnishings that make driving them a premium experience.

Safety and Reliability

As driver assistance features have continued to rise in popularity, General Motors - the parent company for Buick and GMC - has been at the forefront of these technologies. Available features in Buick and GMC vehicles include blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, rear cross-traffic alert, and forward collision alert to help keep collisions at bay.

In addition, most Buick and GMC vehicles come with the Teen Driver function which helps learning drivers get into good driving habits. When activated, you'll be able to set speed and volume limits as your teen is driving while ensuring specific driver assistance features are turned on. After your teen is finished driving for the day, your car will generate a report card to help you keep track of how they're doing. All of this can be activated from a mobile app to help you keep your teen safe even while you're away.

Quality and Value

When you have so many options to choose from in the SUV and truck segment, you'll want to choose a vehicle that is packed with value to make every dollar worth it, and that's exactly how Buick and GMC vehicles are designed. Inside these vehicles you'll find plenty of modern technology, premium materials, and potent powertrains that pack a punch with every drive. All of this comes at a modest price that makes these SUVs and trucks extremely competitive.

Find Your Buick or GMC Vehicle at Hennessy of Southlake Buick GMC

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