Brake Service Center near Atlanta, GA

Brake Service & Repair Shop near Atlanta, GA

They are the first line of defense when it comes to the safety systems on your vehicle. They are your brakes, and they may not be in the high-tech realm like many of the advanced safety features that come on today's cars, but they are primarily responsible for keeping you out of harm's way while driving on the road.

If you suspect that your braking system or components may be in need of repair, bring your vehicle to Hennessy of Southlake Buick GMC's service center in Morrow, GA. Our certified technicians will inspect your braking system thoroughly, and if repairs are needed, they can provide you with genuine GM OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brake parts.

In most cases, individual components of the braking system will need to be replaced rather than the whole system itself. This is why it's important to bring your vehicle in for a check-up immediately if you feel like something is not operating correctly with your brakes.

Driving on defective or worn-out brake components can lead to your whole system needing to be replaced and costing you more money. Our service advisers can work with you in order to determine the right course of action depending on your vehicle's diagnosis.

In many cases, our service specials can provide discounts on maintenance items like brake pad or rotor replacement. We encourage you to schedule service online, or call our service department at (844) 240-2376.

Does My Car Need Brake Service?

While we always recommend you bring your car to our Morrow, GA, Buick GMC dealership for a brake inspection if you suspect there may be issues, there are some signs to look out for that may indicate you need brake service.

The most prevalent issue that arises is shaking or shuddering when you apply the brakes while driving your car. This is probably the most often cited symptom that indicates your brakes or braking components are worn out and in need of repair/replacement. If you hear any squeaking or grinding when applying the brakes, this is also another good sign that service is in order.

Many of our service customers have remarked that their brakes became "squishy," or that they had to mash them hard to the floorboard in order to get adequate stopping power. This is a definite sign that you need to bring your car, truck, van, or SUV in for brake service at our Georgia auto maintenance facility.

Brake Service Specials at Hennessy of Southlake Buick GMC

Our service center near Roswell and Marietta, GA, performs brake maintenance and repair on vehicles of all makes and models. Whether you need new brake pads, calipers, or rotors, you can count on getting great brake job prices when you take advantage of our service specials.

Our Morrow auto service center only uses the highest-quality OEM brake equipment, and all maintenance is performed by factory-certified technicians.